You been losing hair lately? Well you are not alone. According to statistics, over 35 million men worldwide are experiencing hair loss. That’s a lot of guys! As you get older, your chances of male baldness goes up as well. While Rogaine and other medical products for hair growth can help, it’s best to go the natural route. Stopping hair loss naturally is a better long-term option. There are 6 methods that will help you regain your hair.

Massage scalp with coconut oil

Coconut isn’t just a healthy food to eat. Using coconut oil is one of the best methods towards regaining hair follicles. Used extensively in India, coconut oil helps moisturize the hair in which prevents hair loss. In addition, coconut oil contains antibacterial properties in which prevent scalp infections.

Here is a list of other essential oils that you can use to revitalize your hair:

  • Olive oil
  • Almond oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Geranium oil
  • Egg oil
  • Sesame oil

Massage scalp with ginger, garlic, or onion juice

It might feel weird to massage your head with either of these food juices but it works! Use one of these on your scalp overnight and wash it out in the morning. Please do not mix any of these juices.

Massage scalp with rangoli henna

What is rangoli henna? Well it is a green powder made for hair growth. Rangoli henna helps seal hair cuticles to prevent hair loss; thus, strengthening hair at the root.

Rinse hair with green tea

As if green tea does not already have enough health benefits, you can use it as a conditioner too. Rinsing your head with green tea prevents hair loss. Its antioxidant properties protect hair follicles and could help stimulate hair growth as well.

Ease off of stress

The average man stays under constant stress. That is why the average man experiences male baldness. Studies have shown that stress is a major contributor towards hair loss. So what to do? Simply ease your stress.

Here are some ideas that will help you relax:

  • Mediate for 20 minutes upon waking up in the morning
  • Go to the park and walk for at least 30 minutes
  • Ride a bike, swim, lift weights or perform any exercise you enjoy
  • Participate in a sport (e.g., basketball, flag football, tennis, etc.)
  • Keep a journal; write down whatever is troubling you
  • Talk with your family and friends about what stresses you out
  • If none of the above tips ease your stress, go talk to a licensed psychologist or therapist

Avoid hair perms

Do you get your hair permed? If so, that explains why you have been experiencing hair loss. Perms contain lye and other chemicals. These chemicals penetrate the scalp and change your hair structure. And once the structure is altered, it cannot be reversed. Also, perms cause hair breakage. If you want to prevent hair loss naturally, it is best to avoid hair perms.


Using these 6 steps will help you stop hair loss naturally.