Are you always traveling?

Whether you are or not, we all take a trip during some point in our lives. Whether it is a business trip, visiting family for the holidays or a relaxing vacation on the beach, it is important to maintain wellness. Regardless of how busy you are, exercise should always be a top priority. Excuses won’t keep (or get) you in great shape, but consistent exercise will. With that said, don’t leave home without these 6 exercise items.

Resistance bands

There probably isn’t a more versatile piece of exercise equipment than resistance bands. Here are several benefits of using them in your workout routine:

  • Cost-effective
  • Doesn’t stress the joints
  • Lightweight & portable; easy to store them
  • Able to do a variety of exercise routines
  • Perfect exercise equipment if not looking to get bulky

Running shoes

Something tells me you don’t work out in your Stacy Adams or heels. It is essential to pack some quality running shoes to train in. Make sure they are durable. Bring some gym shorts, sweatpants and tank tops too!


Your laptop isn’t just for business. You can also utilize for working out as well. Bring one of your favorite exercise DVDs or search on YouTube for an exercise routine to do.


Need the get the most out of your work out? Bring a stopwatch or download a stopwatch app on your smartphone. A stopwatch will make sure you’re not resting longer than you should; therefore, keeping the workout intensity high.


Would you like to walk 5 miles every day while out of town? Well don’t forget your pedometer or download a pedometer app! This little exercise equipment tracks each step you take. Aim to take 10,000 steps.

Ab Wheel

Dream of having six-pack abs of steel? Ok, enough of sounding like a cheesy infomercial selling a useless ab machine. If you do several reps of ab rollouts using the ab wheel, I guarantee your abs will feel it.

6 Exercises That Should Be Done Your Hotel Room

Now that you packed up all the necessary exercise equipment, it is time to discuss what exercises should be done in your hotel room. Here are 6 exercises that will have you rethinking on whether to renew your gym membership.

Resistance Band Squats

Need strong, muscular legs? Resistance band squats got you covered!

 Resistance Band Squats

Chair Dips

Building nice, defined arms come easy with chair dips.

Chair Dips

Resistance Band Shoulder Press

Sculpted shoulders don’t come from lifting up the remote control. Shoulder press helps accomplish that though!

Resistance Band Shoulder Press

Resistance Band Bicep Curls

Want to have a mountain peak rise from your arms? Bicep curls will make sure that happen!

Resistance Band Bicep Curls

Mountain Climbers

Burning fat and building muscle simultaneously isn’t easy. Mountain climbers is a total-body exercise that can do both.

Mountain Climbers


Like mountain climbers, burpees are a great total-body exercise that will burn a ton of calories.


Combine the 6 exercise equipment with 6 exercises and you will be staying in shape on the go!