If you want to be a winner, then hold yourself accountable.

Do you hold yourself accountable? In other words, when you say you’re going to do something, do you do it? If not, then why even say you’re going to do it? Think about that! When it comes to most goals in life, especially with weight loss and other fitness-related goals, the difference between a winner and loser is actually TRYING to accomplish the goal. Assuming you want to be winner, let’s discuss 3 steps to you can hold yourself accountable in pursuance of your goal.

Pursue your goal for yourself

Too many people want to accomplish goals or feats in order to impress others. That’s great if that fuels you to pursue your goal but what happens when it doesn’t actually impress the other party? That’s why it is fruitless to impress others. Instead, look yourself in the mirror and realize that losing weight (or whatever goal you’re pursuing), will enhance your life, not getting validation from another person. Besides, having a six-pack or flat stomach won’t mean anything if your self-esteem is as low as the bottom of your shoe. Having the mindset to pursue your goal for yourself will initiate the feelings of accountability.

Be self-reliant

In lieu with the last step, have the mindset that it is on you to achieve your goal. Sure, we all need help at some point during our lifetime; but, we first need to help ourselves. Without being self-reliant, it will be fruitless to even accept or seek help. While someone(s) may have helped you achieve your goal of getting your driver’s license or graduating from college, it was on you to actually make the effort to achieve that goal. Your goal won’t ever be achieved if you depend on someone else to achieve it for you. The power of accountability starts with being self-reliant.

Stay optimistic

When you have days that you feel discouraged or something didn’t go your way, do you give up or realize your goal is still achievable?  If you ever want to become a winner, then staying optimistic is the key! Life is filled with peaks and valleys, yet, most people (i.e., average, unsuccessful individuals) want to run away from their valleys (problems). That is the classic pessimistic mindset. If you want to become a winner and accomplish big things in your lifetime, being optimistic through hard times rule #1! Just realize that as long as you’re breathing, it goals is meant for achieving.

These are 3 ways you gain can power of accountability. Realize that you control whether your goal is accomplished or not. Remember: winning starts by holding yourself accountable.