Things is, I always enjoyed lifting weight although from the very start I have been told it’s not exactly a lady like form of exercise. But I didn’t care. I wanted to shape my shoulders and my back plus it was a must have training for rock climbing.

However, the moment I wanted to lose weight, once again I have been told that weightlifting is not the best solution because it burns far less calories than a cardio session, for instance. So that’s why I wanted to tackle this topic in today’s article, so we can bust this myth once and for all!

First things first, weight lifting does help you lose more calories. But not the way you might think it works. For instance, a long session of running will help you lose weight during the time you practice, but the process stops when you stop. Whereas when it comes to weightlifting, the effects of calorie loss can continue up to 72 hours after you stop training!

Then you need to make sure that you don’t exercise in vain. It’s essential to have a professional show you the moves the first times around so that you can start practicing on your own afterwards. If you want and can afford it, try having some one-on-one sessions with a trainer so that you don’t end up injuring yourself. Bear in mind that lifting weights can have a great effect on your musculature but in case you practice the exercises in the wrong way, you can end up causing serious injuries to yourself.

Don’t be afraid to lift that weight!

At first I started practicing by taking part in all sort of aerobic clubs where we had to lift weight about 0.5 kilos. And it felt like I was just moving my arms around in vain. Well, maybe because I was. I mean, lifting some weight is already better than none but if you want to opt for a full weightlifting training, you need to add to that weight. Doing a set of 10 moves with 2 kilos is not going to make a difference any time soon.

You also have to pay attention to your diet if you really want your weightlifting training to show results. For instance, try adding more proteins to your foods list, such as nuts, fish, eggs, beans.

Another great news is that weightlifting helps you lose more belly fat than any other cardio exercise. Why is that so? Because aerobic exercises burn both fat and muscles, whereas lifting weights will only help you lose in depth fat.

And another secret that will motivate you to get straight a weightlifting: you will not bulk up, that’s just a myth. Truth is, it takes a great deal of exercise to build the kind of muscles you see at bodybuilding competitions. Think of it this way: we, women, produce only about 5-10% of the testosterone level men produce. Which means that in case you want to build the same amount of muscles, you’d need to get a permanent residence at the gym.

I hope this article helped answer at least some of the questions you had regarding a weightlifting training and that now all your fears have magically vanished and you’re up to hit the gym! Bear in mind, any form of exercise is better than no exercise, I just wanted to bust the myth of why weightlifting should not be meant for women. But my advice for you is to pick whatever floats your boat and just do physical activity!

Oh and if you have some fun training tips, let us know as well so we might give it a go also!