Regardless of which season you might be a fan of, we have to admit that travelling during the summer has certain advantages that you will not find in any other single season. I am not a huge fan of summer heat and the sun is clearly not my best friend but I have to admit I only realized the benefits that travelling in July has the moment when a friend took my hand and dragged me in a trip to Portugal.

  1. Tickets at are at a more decent price

Most airline companies are aware of the fact that the majority of people can get holiday and will get holiday during the summer so the demand on tickets is extremely high. This is why discounts will be announced in time and you can pick a ticket at a totally unexpected price!

  1. The weather is on your side

I mean, I love travelling during the winter and I travelled a lot in northern countries as well but let me tell you this: the moment you plan a trip and buses are cancelled and flights are cancelled and outside it’s so freezing that your fingers might fall of, the fun of it kind of fades. So that’s one of the perks of summer: besides some possible rain showers that last for 10 minutes, you don’t have to worry about much. Just enjoy the sun.

  1. The luggage issue

How many times have you packed along with your meter next to you and counting the kilos just so you don’t go beyond the limit? Well summer fixes this issue as well. When it comes to packing, you can pack a dozen of t-shirts and a few shorts, whereas during winter you could barely fit in a few long sleeved ones and a jersey.

  1. Fun activities

I am not saying that winter is not fun for skiing and well, making snow angels but think of all the fun thing you could do if the weather is on your side. You could visit cities, hike a lot, walk a lot, take part in all sort of outdoorsy events and cultural actions. The possibilities are endless and don’t forget that most of the festivals take place during the summer.

  1. Connect more

When was the last time you took your kids on a camping adventure or a hiking expedition in the middle of the forest? Take this summer as the perfect chance to catch up on all the time you missed on and enjoy a sunny day on the hills, connect with your family/ friends and teach them to also connect with nature!

All in all, summer is here and you have the chance to use it according to your needs, hobbies and dreams! So waste no more time, book your tickets, your hotel room and start your great summer adventure! Let us know if you had any exotic destination you’d recommend to us as well or any fun activities that you enjoyed in the sunlight!