Summer is the season when we can consume the most of the healthiest foods, fresh vegies and colorful fruits. Summer is the season for lemonade and all sort of seasonal drinks that contain dozens of vitamins and various tastes. Hence, it only seems logical for summer to be the best season for the workout of your life!

However, before getting yourself all packed and on your way to the gym, there are certain aspects that you need to consider in order to pursue a healthy exercise schedule:

  1. Hydration is essential

The secret is that the moment you start feeling thirsty it’s probably already too late. When thirst comes you way, you are already a few percentages dehydrated. So no matter what your activity of choice is, be it running, gym or hiking, drink before you start it and then drink while you are at it. We can confuse many time dehydration with other things, such as hunger, headaches and fatigue. Learn to read the signs and always carry a bottle of water with you! (Even when swimming!)

  1. Take time to adjust

Researches show that it takes form 10 to 14 days to adjust to the hot weather. So in case you are doing your regular exercise and start to feel a bit off, don’t ignore the signs because it might be your body telling you that it is too hot and its internal thermometer is off and you need to give it more time to get used to the heat.

  1. Health and height

Studies show that an increased altitude can lead to a decreased level of oxygen. Also the change in the air pressure is changed so maybe if you want to race in the mountains or cities situated at a higher altitude, give yourself a day or two to adjust to these changes.

  1. Don’t skip the sunscreen

Did you know that even while swimming, skipping the sunscreen is not a very bright idea? Researches show that the sun can penetrate under the water and still burn your skin.

  1. Pay attention to when you work out

During summer the weather can be very challenging and many times the extreme heat cannot let you do your daily workout routine. Checking the clock is inevitable because you wouldn’t want to risk to go out 10am and 3pm when the sun is at its strongest.

  1. Adjust

Keep in mind that you cannot work out the same way and have the same efficiency when working out in the middle of the heat with the sun in your face as you do in a gym that has AC. So try to adjust your expectancies accordingly.

  1. Pay attention to your body

Your body is the best advisor when it comes to how much workout is too much. If you start feeling dizzy or notice any other signs, stop and take a break immediately.


All in all, summer is a nice time to have your workout outdoors but don’t overdo it. The heat waves can harm your health and the level of pollution as well.

So moderately proceed to keeping up the good physical activity but never overdo it and never forget your water at home!