The idea of green tea having a bad effect on my teeth first came to mind when one of my best friends got married and she literally started avoiding green tea and I had no idea what got into her.

When I asked she looked at me like I was an alien and said “well don’t you know that green tea stains your teeth? I can’t take that risk before the wedding!” I said a huge “oook” in my head and ignored her. But then I became curious as well about this myth of green tea staining teeth.

So after having researched a bit the field of tea and dentistry, let me share with you the knowledge I came across:

Before getting into any of the darker effects of green tea and making negative marketing for this popular and preferred beverage, let’s take a look at some of the benefits it offers:

  • it helps you stay awake due to the caffeine it contains and its said to help you become smarter (and it offers a healthier alternative to coffee, but contains far less caffeine than black tea)
  • it also increases fat burning and improves physical exercise (so we can go ahead and hit the gym right away)
  • due to its antioxidants it reduces the risk of certain types of cancer (such as breast, prostate and colorectal)
  • it may reduce your risk of Diabetes type 2 and cardiovascular disease

So why the stigma around the effects it has on teeth?

Because the truth is, green tea does stain your teeth. I am really sorry to admit this but it seems that green tea is one of the most important external factors that cause teeth stains. It contains a compound called tannis, which increases staining potential. What it does is break down the enamel on your teeth, leaving room for pigment molecules to attack your teeth and, well, stain it.

However, there is not only a dark side of the story

Other studies have concluded that green tea has more positive effects on your oral cavity than negative ones (staining left aside).

  1. Controls cavity prevention

For instance, a five minute rinse with green tea can kill bacteria and acid from the mouth. The studies are rather positive in stating that drinking green tea can prevent tooth decay.

  1. Helps gums stay healthy

A Japanese study came across the fact that people who drink regularly green tea have healthier gums. Good news is that the same results have been obtained in people consuming candies that contain green tea extracts.

  1. Helps you have a fresh breath

Isn’t that one of the things we mostly aim for? And the nightmare is to have a horrid breath? Well there is green tea for helping us with this as well. This is also connected with the fact that it kills the microbes from our mouth.

All in all, these are the secrets that lie behind green tea and its benefits plus downsizes. Truth be told, green tea is still a far healthier option than coffee and the benefits are more numerous. I for one could not give it up regardless of the staining level it causes. How do you feel about this info? Will you pour yourself another cup or just decide that green tea is not your cup of tea?

We are awaiting eagerly your feedback in the comments’ section!