As the saying goes, “excess of everything is bad.” This fits perfectly on even good things such as exercise. If you go overboard with performing exercises, it will end up doing more harm to you than good. Pushing your body beyond its limit will lead to injury and have long lasting negative impact on your health. If you want to get the best results from your workout sessions, you should strike a healthy balance and know when to stop.

Your body will start to give signals when it has had enough and you should stop exercising there and then. The question arises how much exercise is too much? Although, this may vary from person to person, but here is a general idea to make your life easy.

How Much Exercise Should You Do?

If you are the sort that prefers doing light weight exercises, then 30-45 minutes of aerobic exercise can do plenty of good for you and help protect you from a host of dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular complications and diabetes. Most people do not even fulfill this criterion, which is a major reason behind their obesity and dangerous diseases. Jogging and walking for 45 minutes 5 times a week will do a lot of good to your health.

On the other side of spectrum lie exercise freaks and athletes who wrongly think that two hours of strenuous exercise can help them perform better and make them healthy. Exercise facts and scientific research tells a different story about the effects of excessive exercise on your body. A strong link had been established between hours of strenuous exercises and pain and injuries. A general rule of thumb is the less pressure you put on your body, the better the results of the exercise.

Side Effects of Too Much Exercise

Injuries can happen, depression can take a toll on your mind and you will be exhausted if you exercise for more than one hour daily. A sudden spike in your heart rate will create complications for your health. Putting your body through lot of pressure will make it weaker with the passage of time. This will have negative consequences for you in the future.

Extreme Exercises

Doing extreme exercises for long periods can damage your health badly. Another mistake made by many strenuous exercise freaks is that they fail to understand that extreme exercise have special needs too. They start to do strenuous exercises, but do not provide the body with a perfect workout diet. This gives rise to severe health problems in the long run for the person.

Revealing Signs

Your body is designed in such a way that it will tell you when it is hard enough and cannot sustain more pressure. You just have to keep an on these indicative signs. Some of the common signs of over exercise are:

Heart Rate

The easiest way to tell if you are exercising too much is monitor your heart rate. Take the reading when you are not exercising and compare it with the reading you are getting during the peak exercise time. If there is a huge difference between two readings, then you should reduce the time you spend in the gym.

Difficulty in Working Out

If you start to lose interest or find it difficult to go through simple routine exercises, then it is a sign that you are bitten off more than you can chew. Reduce the amount of exercise immediately to protect yourself from dangerous effects.

Lack of Sleep

The more pressure you put on our body through strenuous exercises, the less likely you are to get a better sleep. By subjecting your body to immense pressure, you are making things worse for yourself because it will lead to hormonal imbalances in your body, which could later take the form of sleep related issues. If you are finding it difficult to fall sleep, it might be due to your arduous exercises.