Getting fit through walking is a great way to control diabetes. In fact, walking and other exercises can be just as important as a healthy eating lifestyle. Walking will help control weight, lower blood glucose levels, increase energy, increase fluid intake and lower your stress. You do not need to walking dozens of miles each day, or even do all your walking at once for walking to be effective in controlling your diabetes. Start slow with small walks spread throughout your day and increase the amount of time you are walking whenever you feel comfortable. Include your family and friends on your walks to add some socialization while you get fit.

Controls Weight

You burn calories while walking which will help control your weight. Weight management is an essential part of controlling your diabetes. As you lose weight your joints will hurt less and you will be more able to participate in the daily actives that you love. You can walk as little as 5 to 10 minutes at a time to see a reduction in your blood glucose levels. Walking after you eat large meals can improve your bodies ability to use insulin and may require less insulin when doing your sliding scale shots throughout the day.

Controls Blood Sugar Spikes

Blood sugar spikes can come after eating any meal, but most often after eating a meal that is high in carbohydrates. If you realize you went a little overboard with the carbohydrates, go for a walk right away. This can prevent blood sugar spikes as your body starts processing the sugars more efficiently after a walk. Avoiding blood sugar spikes can lower your risk of stroke and heart disease as well. Keep up with daily walking to increase your cardiovascular activity levels each week.

Increase Energy

Exercise makes your body run more efficiently, by walking and keeping your diabetes under control you will notice an increase in your energy levels. This increase will lead to less time being sedentary and more time moving around and being active. Being active is a great way to keep your diabetes under control, so the more energy you have to be active, the better you are going to feel throughout the day.

Fluid Intake

We tend to drink more water when we are walking and being active. Drinking water is an important aspect of managing your diabetes. Avoid soda, even diet soda, and instead choose water. Your body craves water to process food and metabolize the blood glucose and insulin issues you have with your diabetes. Drink at least 8 cups of water per day and more on days that you are active or outside in the heat.

Lowers Stress

Walking helps to lower your stress, gives your body an outlet for stress and is a great way to think through your problems of the day. Go on a walk the next time you are feeling stress and see if you feel more relaxed when you are done. You don’t need to walk outside, if the weather is bad, choose to walk on a treadmill or at your local mall.

The more aerobic activities you participate in, such as walking, the better your body will do at managing its own blood glucose levels. You may still need insulin and you will definitely still need to check your blood sugars. But walking is a great way to help your body get control of your diabetes. Avoid large blood sugar spikes and feel better by incorporating small walks into each of your days. When you have a few minutes take a walk and it will help you get fit and control your diabetes.