Getting control of your diabetes is a big goal, but certainly something that is manageable for you to go after in the New Year. Taking the steps to monitor your glucose more often, daily exercise, reducing refined sugar, drinking more water and keeping a journal can all help you reach your goals in the New Year. Set small goals that you can work towards one at a time. As you reach each of your small goals you will be getting closer to your overall goal of getting your diabetes under control.

Monitor your Glucose Levels More Often

In order to get your diabetes under control, you really have to know what your glucose levels are doing at all times. This might mean monitoring your sugar levels more often than you are use to. But by monitoring your levels before and after meals you can really tell which types of foods are affecting your glucose in a negative way. Knowing this immediate result can make a big impact on your food choices and overall help you gain control over your diabetes.

Daily Exercise

Exercise is your body’s natural way of regulating your blood sugars. Make an effort to go for a short and vigorous walk after every meal. You can walk just five minutes and see a reduction in your glucose levels. But walking 10 to 20 minutes after your big meals will be most effective in reducing your glucose levels and helping control your diabetes.

Reduce Refined Sugars

Refined sugars come from candy and white breads. These items should already be minimal in your diet because they cause such a large spike in your blood sugars. But if you really want to set a big goal for the New Year, try tackling the refined sugars in your daily diet. These can include the typical sugars like candy bars, but also sugary cereals, donuts, and other high sugar foods. Make an effort to eliminate these from your diet as much as possible.

Drink more Water

Water is a natural way for your body to fight off the bad things. Your body needs water to flush toxins out and it needs water to keep your kidneys functioning at their peak. Drinking water on a daily basis will also help to reduce your hunger cravings and give you more energy. Try drinking at least 64 ounces of water throughout the day and see if you notice any changes to your glucose levels. You may find that simply increasing your water intake can help reduce blood sugar spikes throughout the day.

Keep a Food Journal and Glucose Level Diary

In order to really keep track of your diabetes goals, you should start keeping a food journal and record your glucose levels throughout the day. This written journal is a great way for you to go back through your choices of food that day and see where you could have made different choices. By analyzing this journal you can take control of your diabetes in the New Year. You can also keep track of your exercise and fitness goals in your journal to see how your exercise, eating and blood sugar levels are all interconnected.

Setting diabetes goals in the New Year is a great way to concentrate on your health and take control of your diabetes. It is important to discuss your goals with your doctor and not make any medication changes without their approval. Keep track of your blood sugar tests and compare them to the foods your are eating and the exercise you are getting, this will help you problem solve your blood sugars and control them better than you ever thought possible.