“Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough.”
– Mark Twain

Think working out 24/7 is how you get in shape? Think again! While I’m exaggerating on the 24/7 part, some people that’s what it takes to do so. And that is why they remain out of shape! Yes, going to the gym is better than lying around the house eating a bag of Fritos. Nonetheless, going to the gym too often is more harmful long-term.

The definitive term for going to the gym too much is called “overtraining.” Most people have no clue when they are or in a state of overtraining. Here are some 10 tell-tale signs that you are overtraining:

Lack of energy

Been feeling like crap lately? Well you can thank overtraining for that. Working out too much constantly zaps your body of energy. The reason for that is you are not giving your body enough time to rest.

Constant aches and pains

Unless you’re lifting pink 3lb dumbbells, your workout session will likely make your muscles sore. That’s normal. But if you been feeling muscle strain or joint pain, that’s not normal. That’s a major sign that you’re overtraining.

Sudden drop in workout performance and strength

When those 3lb pink dumbbells feel like they weigh 50lb, you’re definitely overtraining.

Declined immunity

Been coughing, headaches, sneezing or experiencing a sore throat lately? When you work out too much, it negatively affects your body’s immune system.


Been having a hard time falling asleep, lately? That’s overtraining at its finest. When your body is overly stressed, it becomes increasingly difficult to relax or sleep. Also, a lack of sleep is deleterious to your fitness goals.


This is the most serious symptom of overtraining. Overstressing the body could potentially lead to depression. If you’re suffering from depression, please seek help from a medical professional.

Moodiness and irritability

When you work out too much, it leads to being in a bad mood more often. Also, it will make you very unpleasant person to be around. Just saying.

Decreased appetite

Contrary to popular belief, you have to eat to lose weight. Period. Without enough food, you miss out on vital nutrients and your metabolism slows down. So of course, a decrease in appetite ain’t good.

Higher susceptibility to injury

In my opinion, overtraining is the main cause of injuries in most people (especially athletes). The human body can only handle so much physical stress.

Decreased sex drive

I’m sure your spouse will love this tell-tale sign.

Like the old saying goes, “Too much of anything is bad for you.” Working out is no different. For most people, 30 minutes of moderate exercise 3-4 days per week is adequate to get in shape.