If you have jotted down ‘losing weight’ on your next year’s resolution list, you are definitely not the only one. However, what you do to achieve your goal makes you stand out. According to an interesting finding in a recent research from Cornell University, going longer than a week without checking your weight on the scale made way for dieters to gain weight, whereas more recurrent weigh-ins are connected to substantial weight loss. Experts believe people often think they do the right thing when they do not weigh themselves for an extended period of time.

This is actually a potential mistake in your weight loss journey. Do you tend to make other weight loss mistakes without realizing it? Let’s review some of the common mistakes made by people who are eager to lose weight:

Anything Fat-Free is Healthy

Foods flaunting their fat-free status are free of fat. However, it doesn’t grant them the status automatically healthy. Several fat-free foods actually include a large amount of sugar to make up for the missing fat. These foods fail to quench your hunger and you tend to eat more. It’s better to include a bit of fat into your diet to consume small portions of savory food.

Thinking Artificial Sweeteners Are Good

Artificial Sweeteners may seem effective weight loss tools as they tend to have fewer calories as compared to sugar or are completely free of them. But, beware: artificial sweeteners are also known for being addictive in nature. Therefore, it is not a wise decision to replace sugar with these sweeteners in any way. Instead, switch to whole food sweeteners, for instance, pure maple syrup and date paste as substitutes.

Setting Irrational Targets

A classic New Year’s resolution is to throw out bread and sweets from your daily menu. In reality, it can be a hard task. Instead of setting ideal and perfect goals which you will never be able to achieve, set practical targets that are easy to accomplish. This means instead of promising yourself you will never eat dessert after dinner, cut down on your desserts gradually. Don’t make the weight loss process a life sentence.

Avoiding Fruits

Come to think of it, there is no concept of weight loss in the absence of fruits. When you mistake fruits to be full of sugar and fattening attributes, you end up replacing them with other processed foods. In reality, the sugar content present in fruits is not processed or refined, hence, it is natural. Fruits also contain high amounts of fiber which make you feel full for a longer period of time. Moreover, the water content in fruits makes it a low-calorie component in your diet.

Not Taking Care of Portion Sizes

Although there are several foods that are deemed effective for weight loss, the key to consuming the right calories is limiting your portion size. Eating too much of them can sabotage these efforts. A half-cup of brown is rich in fiber and nutritional components. But that doesn’t mean you are free to eat three cups in a row. Know how much you are eating by being aware the number of calories in your meal. Take the help of online resources or get a daily diet chart from your physical instructor. The key is sticking to the right portion size to avoid over-eating. This goes true especially for nuts and olive oil.

The key to an effective weight loss journey begins by listening and paying attention to your body. We all have different types of bodies or cravings and that makes it all the more important to set customized goals and not to repeat the same mistakes as you did last year.