There has been a myth about Alzheimer’s that refuses to go away. Most people think Alzheimer’s disease is inevitable and that there’s nothing that they can do to stop it. That dementia doesn’t have any pharmaceutical cure.

All these are gross generalizations, because in truth, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s by making some simple changes to your lifestyle. Choices such as eating healthy, staying social, exercising both physically and mentally and last but not the least, managing your stress. A lifestyle that’s good for the brain is one which drastically cuts down on the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s in later years.

The Situation on Alzheimer’s

Medical specialists and researchers are working day and night all around the world in the hopes of curing Alzheimer’s. The world is seeing an upsurge in Alzheimer’s patients and it’s time something is done to stem this tide. So, instead of treatment, now the focus has turned to prevention strategies. To boost your brain’s power and help stave off the risk of dementia, here are 6 things you can do to keep yourself Alzheimer-averse:

  • Exercising Regularly
  • Eating Healthy
  • Active Brain
  • Sleeping Well
  • Stress Management
  • Socially Active

Strengthening each of these pillars of your daily life will make you strong and less likely to contract symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Exercising Regularly

With regular exercise, your risk of contracting Alzheimer’s goes down about 50%. And for individuals who have started to see cognitive disturbances in their daily lives, exercise can help stave off the issue. Sure, exercising can appear daunting at first if you haven’t been in the habit of working out regularly. Just adding some small movements will do. Activities such as walking longer, taking the stairs, carrying your supplies are all simple exercises that can help you. Exercising also gives you other benefits, such as increased energy, memory improvement, mood booster and stress reducer. All of these characteristics can help you out.

Eating Healthy

Your body needs a recommended amount of nutrients every day. This means making changes to your diet that can help your mind and body perform at its optimum. Eating fish, fruits, and vegetables and maintaining a protein-rich diet with some healthy fats is the way to go, i.e. a diet which gives you the fuel and energy you need without making you feel lethargic. Avoiding trans fats and saturated fats is also good. Omega 3 fats, on the other hand, are recommended for reducing the risk of dementia. Instead of 3 heavy meals, eat 6 small meals, throughout the day. Don’t smoke and if you drink, try to keep it in moderation.

Active Brain

If your brain is receptive to new experiences and always learning new things, this can make Alzheimer’s even less likely to strike. Activities such as learning a new skill, language, music instrument or even reading books can help keep your brain active. Memorizing things daily also keeps your mind sharp. Playing strategy and puzzle games are another way to keep the mind busy. Observing the world around you is another.

Sleeping Well

Different people have different needs for sleeping. Generally 8 hours of sleep should be sufficient for most. But there’s more to sleeping well. Always stick to a regular sleep schedule. And if you are insomniac, you need to be smart about your napping times.

Stress Management

Keeping your stress in check is easier said than done. But there are some exercises that can help you. Regular breathing can alleviate stress. So can maintaining a strong mind-body connection.

Socially Active

Living a socially active life can prove good in prevention of dementia. Volunteer for social causes. Know your neighborhood and who’s who. Attend classes, seminars and lectures. Keep yourself connected with people and groups.

With these 6 pillars, you can make Alzheimer’s a thing of the past.