As a family it is important to stay active and fit. With people of all different ages in your family it can be hard to navigate the best ways to stay fit for each member’s age group. Toddlers, grade school kids, teens, adults and older adults all have unique bodies. Working as a family to incorporate physical activities should also take into account each individuals limitations. Getting fit and staying fit as a family will bring your family closer together and help everyone stay healthy for years to come.


Younger children, like toddlers, naturally love to move and stay active. Use fun as a source for your get fit activities. Playing games inside or outside that use their imagination are always preferred to boring aerobic exercises. Other ideas that your younger children might find fun is making your chores into a race, setting up your local playground as an obstacle course and playing with their friends. Toddlers do not need structured activities and free play activities will be best for their level of concentration.

Grade School Kids

As kids grow older they learn the fun of sports. At school your kids are exposed to the basic rules of most sporting activities. Take that basic understanding and use it to play at home. Set up your own soccer field in your backyard, or add a basketball hoop to your driveway. Grade school kids will still need activities that are fun and not too structured. By grade school your kids can also participate in family hikes and bike rides.


Teenagers can be one of the most difficult age groups to get motivated, especially if your family is just getting started with getting fit. Use your time wisely with teenagers as they grow tired of family time fairly quickly. Taking hikes, going to a rock climbing club and rollerblading are all ways you might be able to get your teenager interested in being more physically active. Fun is the key with this age group, so find activities that hide the exercises conveniently in a fun day outside.


As we grow into independent adults we finally have the time and ability to do any activities we like. If you are parents to younger children you may be limited by the things they can do. But creative fun family activities for all ages are still possible. Bike riding is a great way for all family members to spend time together and also focus on fitness. Younger children can be pulled in special bike carts, grade school and older kids can ride on their own. Make sure to teach bike safety and have everyone wear a helmet while out bike riding.

Older Adults

High impact activities are no longer an option as we age, so incorporating grandparents into your family fun needs to keep this in mind. Bike riding is always a great choice, but you can also look at walking and hiking as possible activities to do with older members of your family. In the summer, a good trip to your local lake can be fun for family members young and old.

Getting fit at any age takes a little planning, but you can do it together as a family. Younger family members may need more supervision and older family members may need activities that are low impact, but as a family you can get fit. Staying fit by participating in physical activity is important to instill in your young children so they can keep up the active lifestyle as they get older. Physical fitness is important to brain health, cardiovascular health and your overall wellbeing.