Finding the perfect natural hair care technique for your hair can take some research. But making your hair look and feel better does not have to cost a lot of money and you certainly do not need chemicals to make it happen. You can make your own deep conditioning treatment, dry shampoo, frizz controller and even hairspray. By using natural products on your hair, it will stay healthier and last longer. You can prevent balding and breakage, while your hair grows as long as you desire.

Deep Conditioning

Keeping your hair conditioned will help to prevent breakage and help your hair look and feel healthy. There are a couple natural conditioners which you can try to make your hair feel absolutely amazing, while also keeping it feeling strong. Mayonnaise and avocado conditioner: Mix one small jar of mayonnaise with one avocado. Work the mixture through your hair and leave it on with a shower cap for at least 20 minutes, then rinse. Another great avocado mixture combines organic coconut milk. Add coconut milk to the avocado and leave in, shampoo out after 15 minutes.

Dry Shampoo

Many of us have heard that shampooing our hair daily or even every other day is too much for our hair and damages it. Dry shampoo is sold in stores to help limit the greasy look to your hair, if you are going a couple days without washing it. But you can make your own healthy natural dry shampoo right at home. Simply use cornstarch, lightly dust it onto the oily spots of your hair and let it sit for approximately five minutes, then using a large brush, work the cornstarch out of your hair. This will leave your hair looking and feeling fresh again without adding any chemicals to your hair.

Frizz Controller

This natural hair care technique is so easy you can do it while you’re camping in the wilderness. To prevent your hair from frizzing or just calm fly away hairs, use an aloe vera leaf. Break off the end of the leaf and put a nickel size amount of fresh aloe vera into your palm. Work the aloe vera around your hands then gently through your hair. Try to stay away from the roots and work mostly near the middle and ends of your hair. This natural remedy is easy and quick, plus it will keep the frizz at ease all day long.

Natural Hairspray

Hairspray can really damage your hair quickly. Not only does it stick your hair together, it does this with chemicals. Instead of using a drug store chemical based hairspray, you can make your own hairspray with some simple items out of your fridge. Chop up half an orange and half a lemon into small pieces. Boil the fruit with 2 cups of water to reduce the mixture by half. Let the mixture cool and strain it into a spray bottle. Keep the natural hairspray in the refrigerator. You can add additional water if the mixture is too sticky.

Using natural based products for your hair is the best hair care technique to ensure your hair looks and feels the best it can be. Make it a point to use these natural options whenever possible to avoid the chemical damage that can occur from the use of chemicals. You do not need to make big changes to your hair care process, just make small changes that you can maintain and you will see an increase in the strength and quality of your hair growth. Your friends and family will be jealous of your beautiful hair.