There are many medical systems in the world and some of them are derived from different cultures from different countries. Ayurvedic medicines and remedies are popular among different medical systems. Trends are changing and more people are moving towards alternative medicines, because they do not cause dangerous side effects.


Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning “life knowledge.” It is a very old alternative medicine system based on Vedic traditions and ancient Hindu medicines originating in the Indian subcontinent. With the passage of time, the Ayurvedic system developed many surgical procedures and methods to cure different diseases. Some of the essential components of Ayurveda are:

  • Kaumāra-bhṛtya and Bala Roga : (treatment of children)
  • Kayachikitsa (General medicine)
  • Śālākya-tantra (Opthelmology)
  • Vajikarana tantra (Aphrodisiac)
  • Shalya tantra (Surgical techniques)
  • Rasayana-tantra (Anti aging)
  • Bhuta-vidya (treatment of hidden diseases)
  • Agada-tantra (antidotes)

Ayurveda has eight different ways through which a disease is diagnosed. Human senses are used to diagnose a disease. Patients are treated from natural products such as plants, herbs and shrubs. It is important to understand how Ayurveda defines erectile dysfunction before discussing about medicines and treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction in Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, erectile dysfunction is a condition where men are unable to perform a sexual act due to “looseness” in the genital organ. Erectile Dysfunction patients feel tired and eventually frustration creeps in, leading to stress and anxiety. As you age, stress and anxiety continue to worsen the dysfunction.

Shukra (element that helps in reproduction) is present all over the body, but only comes out when your mind and body coordinate with each other. As such, a decrease in the production of Shukra is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunctions are also stated to be caused by bad relationships, and use of drugs and tobacco.

Ayurveda Remedies

Vajikarana therapy is used to cure erectile dysfunction patients in the Ayurvedic medical system. Vajikarana means to perform sex “like a horse.” This therapy increases a man’s strength and improves blood flow to different parts of the body, especially the penis. This makes it easy for a man to get an erection and enjoy sex.

Vajikarana therapy brings happiness back in the life of a patient affected by erectile dysfunction. Moreover, not only will you get an erection, but will be able to maintain it for a long time.

Ayurveda is more inclined towards treating diseases with vegetarian products. They are completely against the urban lifestyle and consider it as a main culprit behind many diseases. It believes many degenerative diseases creep in through urban lifestyle. They suggest staying as close to nature as you can and replace your life style with a nature-based lifestyle.

It believes that stress, anxiety, asthma, obesity and cancer occur due to our busy and fast-paced urban lifestyle. Ayurveda provides a solution for preventing and curing different diseases, whether psychological or spiritual such as erectile dysfunction.

Ayurvedic remedies focus on maintaining a balance between mind, body and soul. All the medicines are derived from natural sources. Natural healthcare products also assist in preventing and curing diseases, that too without any side effects.

Different tactics are used in Ayurvedic treatments to relieve patients of stress. Developing stimulation and intimacy in erectile dysfunction patients will gradually reduce anxiety levels. Massaging the body with herbal oil will act as an aphrodisiac. Yoga and exercise will also relieve stress.

Avoiding spicy food, and smoking cigarettes, alcohol and drugs can reduce the severity of the problem. Eating carrots, eggs and honey will improve the condition of erectile dysfunction. Following these remedies in a combination will be more effective for treating erectile dysfunction.