Mounting calories pose a dilemma that plagues the life of every overweight individual on this planet. How often do we pledge to shed those absurd pounds as a tradition to every New Year’s Eve, only to stuff up on that oh-to-die-for decadent chocolate cake after a week or two of separation? Weight loss, without a compromise on health, is a slow and deliberate process, requiring perseverance, an iron will and a few tweaks to your diet.

A healthy balanced diet, supplemented with an elliptical exercise routine is the key to that coveted Jessica Alba body we all dream of. Crash diets, fasting and magical weight loss medications are a no go. The perfect diet should cut back on your appetite without leaving you feeling unfulfilled, make you visibly lose weight and leave your body healthy and detoxificated.  So the question remains.

What Should I Eat?

It all comes down to one simple equation. Eat lesser calories than you can burn.  The ideal diet should include low calorie, fiber rich foods, which makes you feel fuller after a small serving and shirk sugars, starch and saturated fats at all costs. Planning a perfect diet plan ensures you get all the nutrition and taste while curbing the calorie cravings:


Fiber rich, high nutrition foods induce a feeling of fullness and are slow to digest, thus reducing the appetite and stops you reaching out for those unhealthy snacks, Achilles heels for a dieter. Beans for instant are rich in fiber while fulfilling all your nutritional needs. Whole-wheat or rye  bread, apples, oatmeal or Cereals with low fat dairy, eaten at breakfast are a fast way to losing weight. Try snacking on veggies, beans, soups and fruits (without juices) as your main course for lunch.


Eat vegetables with high water content for a lower body mass index, since they make you feel fuller quickly. Vegetables such as zucchini and cucumber and fruits such as watermelons and grapefruits are loaded with water. Try to keep the serving of the fruits smaller because of their sugar content.  Drinking alkaline water can also curb hunger and stave off the carb craving effectively since our body construes thirst as hunger at times. So next time you have a mid night hunger emergency, make your own healthy snack of cucumber and carrots sticks with a low fat dip on the side.


Incorporating fresh vegetables to your diet not only makes you lose weight, but is an excellent way to detoxify your body since most vegetables are bursting with antioxidants.  Try the low carb vegetables such as kale, radishes, pumpkin, zucchini, lettuce, cucumber, spinach, celery, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Season your salad with a vinaigrette dressing and glean its weight reducing benefits.


Don’t let your diet plan be a stumbling block to eating enough proteins. Grilled Chicken breast, beans, lentils, nuts, eggs, tofu, quinoa, fish, seafood and soya beans can fulfill your protein requirement without putting on extra pounds. A hearty protein diet can douse your hunger pangs by up to 60%.

Fat Burning Foods:

Include Fat burning foods as part of your daily diet. Some foods such as lemon green tea, chili and berries spike up your metabolism and help you lose weight.

Avoid Food With Empty Calories:

These are the foods your nutritionist warned you about and are the hardest to stay away from. Foods high in sugars and carbs, but low in nutritional value such as pizza, junk food, ice creams, and potato chips are the worst enemy of your body. Replace your hunger cravings with healthier homemade alternatives.