Before reading any further, go to a mirror, look yourself in the eye, and ask yourself, “I’m I getting in shape for myself or for someone else?” The majority of people who have issues losing weight is due to reasons that technically have nothing to do with themselves. So are you trying to lose weight for the wrong reasons? Here are 2 reasons why you may be having issues getting in shape.

You want to get in shape to impress someone else

Time and time again, people want to lose weight or get in better shape to gain someone’s affection or approval. This is not a “how to get a girlfriend/boyfriend” article but realize the following thing: Nobody will fully accept or respect you until you respect yourself.

Men, women do find a man who has a chiseled physique appealing, but they find a man who has self-confidence, a good sense of humor, and intelligence even more attractive. Ladies, while most men admire a woman who takes of her body, he also wants a woman who is caring, can cook and respects his space (especially when football is on). My point is that while getting a great body could potentially attract that person that interests you, you still have to develop your self-worth in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

You’re only getting in shape because your doctor said so

The next reason ties in with the first motive except that instead of losing weight to impress someone, you’re doing it because appease someone. In this case, that appeasing person is your doctor. Now most people would think that this reason is justified because people should get in shape because their doctor told them that they got pre-diabetes. And guess what? You’re absolutely right except for one small nugget: That person has to willingly want to make that change.

Doctors around the world are always advising people to eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet, exercise throughout the week, avoid tobacco use, seldom drink alcohol, take a multivitamin, and always be happy. Yet, for some reason, many people are overweight, smoking, not exercising enough (or at all), eating poorly, excessively drinking alcohol, not taking a multivitamin, and depressed beyond belief. Why is that? Because those people aren’t WILLING to change their lifestyle behavior.  Even some doctors do not practice what they preach!

When you learn that you have type-2 diabetes or high-blood pressure, you need to immediately start a weight-loss program. Still, what use is a weight-loss program if you do not care to utilize it? Not even a licensed health professional such as a doctor can convince (or scare) you into living a healthy lifestyle if you do not have the will to. You have to have a strong desire to get in shape in order to be in shape.

Overall, that was the 2 main reasons why you may have issues getting in shape. The take home message is that you are the only person that can get you in shape.