Obesity is a large growing epidemic in America. Families can work together to fight this epidemic by getting fit and eating healthy. It can be hard to get fit as a family with everyone being different ages and having different physical abilities but there are some options. Hiking and walking, games around the house, swimming, sports and local attractions will help your family get fit and also increase your bonding time as a group. Try some of these today to fight obesity in your family.

Hiking and Walking

Walking and hiking are great activities, in good weather, for you and your family to participate in. You can go at a slow enough pace for all members to participate in and make it a full day of fun. Find a local walking path or small hiking trail that you can become familiar with and feel like your family is safe at. Bring plenty of water and snacks to last during your hike. If you are walking with younger children, make sure you choose a flat path, while older children might enjoy a hike that has more difficulty.

Games around the House

There are endless amounts of games you can participate in around the house. Make up things that incorporate the things your family enjoys. Try planning a 70’s dance off, or doing a push up contest over commercial breaks. Make a race out of household chores or contests out of raking the lawn. Let younger kids help in designing fun activities that the whole family can participate in.


When you want something fun to do and you don’t want to feel like you are exercising at all. Try going swimming at your local lake or pool.  Swimming is a great activity that uses all your muscle groups and can be lots of fun for the whole family. Take the family for a picnic and swimming session whenever you need a break from chores or other household activities. Kids of all ages enjoy swimming and will burn off hundreds of calories without even knowing it.


Your children might already participate in some sports. But try playing sports as a family, go to the park and play some flag football together, or practice your soccer skills. Sports activities are something your child is probably already familiar with and will be able to teach everyone the rules of how to play. Use their favorite sports and let the kids rotate who gets to be the coach for the day. Volleyball, softball, tee ball, soccer, football and tennis are just a few of the great sports your family can play together to get fit.

Local Attractions

Camouflage your exercising as a trip to a local attraction. Check out your city zoo or local gardens as a family. Walking throughout the attraction all day is sure to burn calories and no one will feel like they are being forced to exercise. A trip to your local museum or art show will keep everyone on their feet and walking to enjoy the exhibits, but also burning calories and learning about something new.

Exercising as a family does not need to involve a gym. You can simply walk around your block, play in your living room or enjoy your backyard. Getting fit is a necessity to fight obesity and working as a family is the best way to go about this fight. Build your family communication through games and walks so your family is not only in better shape, but also better at communicating together. Family members of all ages can enjoy these activities and take part in them on a daily basis.