Are you going through a mid-life crisis?

Statistics show that most people experience depression during middle-age (between 40 to 50 years old) worldwide. The reason for that is many people experience mental and physiological changes once in their 40s. Even if you are younger than 40, it is good know what might happen once you reach that age. Here are some reasons why a mid-life crisis could occur in your life.

Dealing with chronic pain

If you’re living with a chronic pain condition (i.e., lupus or rheumatoid arthritis) in middle age chances are you may also become depressed. The reason is pain and depression correlate together. A study revealed that pain and depression co-occur in approximately 50 % of the time.

Low testosterone levels

Having low T-levels leads some middle-age individuals towards depression. Low T-levels stores tend to diminish as we age. The following are the issues that come from low T-levels:

Hormone replacement therapy can help alleviate these symptoms by boosting testosterone levels.


Some people retire in their 40s. While those are happy times for some, it is depressing for others. According to a research study, during retirement, roughly 40 % of individuals become clinically depressed, while 60 % develop a physical disorder. To prevent this from occurring, find hobbies or activities that you enjoy. Also, socialize with family members and friends; especially, during times when problems arise in your life.

Beginning stages of menopause

Of course, this reason is for middle age women. Perimenopause (the transition into menopause) causes hot flashes, erratic periods, waning sex drive, mood imbalances, and sleep loss. A study revealed that 1 out of 6 women, who had no history of depression, displayed depression-like symptoms when going through perimenopause.

Not getting enough time to yourself

Many adults in their 40s have several duties to attend on a daily basis. If you are suffocating under the many obligations of work life, social life, family, parenting, and finances, you risk becoming clinically depressed. Not getting enough “me” time will leave you feeling overwhelmed. According to research studies, modern Americans are likely to commit suicide than die due to vehicular homicide. I suggest to take at least 10 to 20 minutes per day to get some alone time. Try some relaxing activities to help relieve mental tension such as meditating and yoga.

If you are a middle-aged person, you likely will experience one or more of these issues. Nonetheless, you have the power to overcome these issues and move towards a happy, healthy life.