If you have been trying to lose weight for a while, you probably know all there is to know about weight loss out there. You know the right foods you need to eat and the foods you need to stay away from. You know all about the importance of strength training along with a cardio program for losing weight. You probably have been on one too many diets that have made you lose and gain weight. You have probably felt frustrated, depressed, happy and anxious as well as a wide range of other mixed emotions.

You might have also learned not to depend on the scale to measure your progress and the importance of taking pictures every week for a comparison of how well your weight loss program is working. If you have been dieting for long then you also know that diets do not work. However, in spite of all this, you know you are still searching for what works, which is probably what has brought you to this article. In this article, we are not going to tell you what to eat, what not to eat, which exercise program to try and all that. We are instead going to focus on how you eat and how that will make a difference.

It Is All a Mind Game

Weight loss is all a mind game. Isn’t that the reason we find ourselves indulging in food we know is wrong for us? In an ideal world, we would eat the right food, stay active and stay away from unhealthy foods. In an ideal world, we would all weigh and look the way we want to. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. In our math problems, we have worked by assuming all factors are constant and derived perfect results. However, in the real world, the factors are what mess up our weight loss plans time and time again.

Our inclination to indulge and the power food holds over us are sometimes beyond our control. It might be due to issues that have a deep connection with our childhood. All of that aside, at the end of the day, no matter how many times health experts tell us it is all about calorie intake and calories burned, we know it is not the entire picture.

At the end of the day, it is about balancing our inclinations and our desires and achieving a balance that will help us stay at the weight we desire to be. This requires you admit once and for all that no matter how much you try to control your food intake, you cannot spend all your life involved in this internal battle between ‘should I’ and ‘shouldn’t I’.

The Rules

So, now that we have gotten all that out in the open, there are two rules you need to follow throughout your life to free yourself from this control game once and for all. This is about how you should eat and not what you should eat.

Eat Mindfully When You Are Hungry

You have to eat mindfully. When it is time to eat, you need to build a bubble around you, forgetting all there is out there, focusing only on the plate in front of you. Cut off a small bite, put it in your mouth and chew slowly, enjoying every second of it. Do not eat when you are distracted or while taking care of any other task. Eat only when you feel hungry.

For this, you have to learn to recognize your hunger. Every bite that enters your mouth should be the centre of your world. Put your utensils down while you are chewing and then pick them up for the next bite. Chew each bite 40 times. After every five minutes, check your hunger level and stop eating when you are moderately satisfied.

Do Not Ignore Your Cravings

When you ignore your cravings and focus only on eating healthy, you deprive yourself. Whenever you are hungry, eat whatever you want. Make sure you eat only when you are hungry. Take it out on a plate and follow the eating guidelines provided above.

When you know you can eat whatever you want by following the above guidelines, you will feel less inclined to indulge. You will learn about flavors, foods and satiation automatically. You will also become aware of what your body wants and then you can finally free yourself from the weight loss battle because you are following the most natural form of eating.