Would you rather get a root canal than go the gym? If so, that is probably due to you feeling sluggish prior to your workout. The average American work 40 hours per week. Also, factor in kids, bills and the cousin who keeps hounding you to borrow money. Stress goes up, energy levels go down. Now you understand why your drive to workout has been declining. Nonetheless, all you need to alleviate your faulty workout drive is sitting right in your kitchen cabinet…coffee! Here are 4 benefits that you should brew some coffee prior to your next workout session.

Coffee gives you an energy boost

Many people drink coffee prior to going to work. Why? To give them a boost! In that same vein, why not use it to give you a boost prior to working out? The caffeine within coffee delivers a stimulant to your central nervous system (CNS) that raises energy levels. Also, unlike most pre-workout supplements sold in health food stores, coffee is a natural way to boost energy levels.

Coffee increases alertness

Been having trouble focusing on your workouts lately? Well allow coffee to help you out. Studies show that people who drank coffee prior to exercise were more alert and focus than those who don’t.

Coffee can help with weight loss

Emphasize on CAN HELP with weight loss. Coffee has been shown in studies to contribute to weight loss by boosting the body’s metabolism. Also, it has been shown to possibly suppress appetite; in which helps an individual consume less calories. However, those studies showed the short-term effects of coffee. There still is no conclusive evidence that caffeine (or coffee) can help with weight loss long-term. Other than that, coffee definitely increases your chances of burning fat; especially taken prior to working out.

Coffee improves physical performance

The best benefit of drinking coffee prior to working out is it increases physical performance. Studies show that people who drink coffee generally see an increase in strength and/or endurance. That is the whole point of putting Folgers (or whatever coffee brand you prefer) in your cup before going to the gym. The caffeine helps raises Epinephrine (Adrenaline) levels in the bloodstream (this is the hormone responsible for “fight or flight” response).  By doing so, you are more alert of whatever you are doing. By being more alert, you exert maximize effort for each and every exercise routine. So if you been stuck at doing 25 pushups, coffee can help you do 30.

Now that you got the facts, grab your favorite coffee mug, pour your favorite coffee brew, drink it and go attack your workout like there is no tomorrow!

Article source: http://ajpendo.physiology.org/content/269/4/E671.short