If you have diabetes, chances are you suffer from dry skin. This occurs when your blood glucose levels are high. Dry skin can crack and become itchy; thus, could develop infections. In addition, because of your diabetic condition, nerves in your legs and feet do not get the message to produce sweat; which is vital for your skin to stay soft and moist. After reading this, you probably thinking either of two things: (1) I need to do something to alleviate my dry skin or (2) I need to buy better lotion. Hopefully you are thinking option 1 because skin lotion alone won’t solve jack. With that said, here are 5 solutions to deal with dry skin.

Wear non-latex rubber gloves when household cleaning

Congratulations on finally cleaning your house. That 2 week old spaghetti sauce stain was waiting to be cleaned off of the kitchen counter. As you clean up your home, be sure to wear non-latex rubber gloves. A lot of household cleaning products and dish detergents are known to cause skin irritation; hence, causing dry skin. By wearing non-latex rubber gloves while cleaning, it ensures protection of your skin.

Supplement with essential fatty acids

What do fish and flaxseed oil have in common? They are both essential fatty acids (I’m sure you already guess that by the title). Essential fatty acids can help hydrate the skin and protect it from harmful substances brought on by the environment. So by supplementing with fish and flaxseed oil, you alleviate your dry skin issues.

Swim in chemical-free water

I never understood people who just dry themselves off and put their clothes on after swimming. I just want to them….You just swam in chlorine!  I understand chlorine helps kill bacteria in swimming pools. Nonetheless, chlorine is still a chemical. Also, swimming in chlorine makes your skin extremely dry. No chemical should be left on your body without being properly washed off. Chlorine is no different. After swimming, take a shower and use mild soap.

Use petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly isn’t just good for dry, crusty lips. They are good for dry, crack skin as well. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends petroleum jelly as a way to alleviate dry skin for all areas of your body. It provides smoothness and moisture to skin surface. Also, unlike most skin-related products, petroleum jelly contains only one ingredient.

Take an oatmeal bath

Remember that time as a kid when you had chicken pox and your mom (or dad) gave you an oatmeal bath to provide relief? Well it is time to bring back those days! For centuries, oatmeal has been a proven remedy against dry skin. Modern research has shown that a chemical within oatmeal (called avenanthramides) alleviates inflammation and redness caused by dry, itchy skin.

These 5 solutions will help you deal with dry skin. Have fun taking an oatmeal bath like you’re 5 years old again!