Admit it! You’re burnt out! Life has gotten on your last nerves. So can you do about it? One word: Exercise! Exercising is the most therapeutic way to get over the woes of everyday life. From yoga to lifting weights, there is an exercise that will elicit positive feelings. So how does exercise bring feelings of bliss? Let’s look at 5 ways that exercise does so.

  1. Your brain releases endorphins

This is the scientific reason why exercising makes you feel good. Endorphins are a chemical released by your brain that causes feelings of positivity and pleasure. This same chemical is released when you eat your favorite dessert or watching your favorite football team score a touchdown. So while it may be uncomfortable while doing a particular exercise, endorphins makes sure you will feel good afterwards.

  1. Eases your stress

Forget Advil! Exercise is the perfect stress-reliever. Since exercise produces low levels of stress within your body, it makes you more equipped to handle the everyday stresses of life. Also, especially if you’re overweight or obese, regular bout of exercise helps you lose weight; thus, helping lessening stress on your joints, heart, lungs and other vital organs. Overall, a healthy body is a stress-less body.

  1. Boosts your energy levels

While the trials and tribulations of everyday life can zap your energy levels, exercise can boost them right back up! No matter how drained you feel, you should never skip a workout because of that reason. Missing workouts (in addition to stress and poor eating habits) is the main cause of low energy levels. To increase your energy, exercising has to be a high priority. More energy equals more positive feelings!

  1. Elevates your self-confidence

Feeling positive and having self-confidence goes together like eggs and bacon (I just made myself hungry.) An individual who has the confidence that he or she can accomplish or do whatever in life are usually happy people. A lot of people lack self-confidence (and aren’t happy) simply because they are inactive. Your body craves exercise. When it doesn’t get it, it makes you feel unconfident, especially if you’re obese or overweight. So if you haven’t been feeling confident lately (or ever), then perhaps it is because your body desires exercise.

  1. Improves your quality of sleep

Have your quality of sleep been sucking lately? It is probably because you haven’t been exercising. Research shows that quality of sleep suffers when one doesn’t get adequate exercise. Staying active will help with issues of insomnia. So instead of popping a sleeping pill, pop some pushups before bed!

In conclusion, those are 5 ways that exercise will bring positive feelings.

So if you follow my advice, you will be happy.