The decision to quit smoking has probably been a long and hard decision for you. Perhaps you have been thinking about it for weeks or even months before finally making the big decisions. To quit smoking in a week, you need to dedicate yourself to the process and make sure you have everything necessary to succeed. The main steps to quit smoking include; finding support, making a plan, staying busy, knowing your triggers and having a positive point of view. If you incorporate all these steps you can be smoke free within a week.

Find Support

Seek support from your friends and family by announcing you are going to stop smoking and asking them to help you. Without asking for support you will not be able to fully appreciate the difficult nature of quitting smoking and how much you will want to talk to your friends and family about it. Your support network can encourage you and help you stay on track with your goal to stop smoking. Keep them in the loop about your concerns and struggles so they can offer you help as you need it.

Make a Plan

Every person plans to quit smoking in their own personal way. Maybe you want to cut back a couple cigarettes each day until you are down to zero cigarettes a day. Or perhaps you want to instantly switch from cigarettes to chewing gum or using a patch. Your quitting strategy will need to be personalized to your needs so it will be effective. If you want, you can also call some of the quit smoking lines in your state to see if they can offer resources that will be useful for you.

Get Busy

Make plans with your friends and family throughout this week of trying to quit smoking. Keeping yourself busy will be a valuable tool in your fight against cravings. Go out to eat, exercise, watch a movie with friends, pretty much anything that will keep you busy is going to help you get through this week. Talk to your friends and family about things they can do with you during this week to make it go by faster and help keep you busy.

Identify your Triggers

You have to know what makes you want to smoke, in order to be able to avoid these situations and try to quit smoking. Stress and anxiety are big triggers that people tend to use smoking to help with. It will be necessary to use a different coping strategy than you are use to when you want to relax or calm down. Other triggers may include hanging out with people who are still smoking, going to bars or drinking at a picnic even. Pay attention to your personal triggers and avoid them throughout the process of quitting smoking.

Stay Positive

The process of quitting smoking can be completed in one week, but you will have to stay vigilant in your fight against cravings, long after the week has passed. Keep your attitude positive and look toward the future all the time. Talk with your friends and family about what you are doing right and let them support you throughout this process.

Smoking is a difficult thing to give up, but with the help of these simple steps you can quit smoking in one week. Make sure to plan ahead and seek the support of your loved ones to help keep you focused on your goal of quitting. It is also important to take care of yourself physically while you are going through this process by exercising and avoiding your triggers. Every minute you go without smoking is a small victory your loved ones will want to celebrate with you.