While it is recommended that a person should get medical checkups at least twice or thrice a year, it is still one of the least favorite activities for people. Going to the doctor for a simple checkup often feels like going to the lottery where you have no idea what you might end up with. You might hit the jackpot and walk away with a clean bill of health or you might end up with something like diabetes.

However, before you start to feel angry or decide to keep skipping out on your doctor’s appointments, you should realize no disease sneaks up without signs and only shows up on medical tests. Before your doctors are even aware of it, your body and your cells will be fighting and trying to prevent that disease from gaining the upper hand. During that time, your body will send you plenty of warning signs but if you are not paying attention, it is possible you may overlook them. The following are the warning signs your body starts to exhibit when you have type-2 diabetes:

Urinating Frequently

It’s one thing to have a healthy, functional bladder and it is quite another thing to have to keep getting up in the night to urinate after every hour. Frequent urination is a common sign of type-2 diabetes since the body is actually trying to deal with the excess glucose your body is producing. Since your body knows this amount of glucose is not normal, the kidneys start to try and flush it out in the form of urine.

Dry Mouth and Increased Thirst

Since your body is flushing away so much glucose via urine, you may feel extremely thirsty all the time. Urinating frequently does not only flush out the glucose but also robs your body of water, making you feel thirsty and dehydrated all the time. Your mouth and throat will also feel dryer as well, prompting you to drink more water and urinate it all out again.

Increased Weight Loss for No Reason

When your body is dealing with excess glucose in the blood, it may respond by trying to flush it all out. If your body decides to flush it out, you will be urinating frequently. This method will not only flush out the excess glucose but also many nutrients and vital vitamins that your body needs. This can make you lose a lot of weight even if you are eating three meals a day and have a healthy appetite. Moreover, this weight loss will be steady, subtle yet gradual so you may actually overlook it.

Blurry Vision

In type-2 diabetes, the blood sugar levels of the body are extremely high and it is difficult for your body to resume its normal functions in that atmosphere. However, largely, your body will not show any warning signs that you have high blood sugar levels except for the fact that you might experience blurry vision. This happens not because your eyesight has weakened but because the muscles in the eye have a hard time adapting to the high sugar levels in your body. This can be one of the first warning signs you encounter since your body will actually adjust to adapt to the high sugar levels. Once this happens, you will not experience blurry vision any more.

Since symptoms of type-2 diabetes are often so subtle, it may be possible that you have been ignoring these warning signs for quite some time without realizing it. Keep in mind that the body is a complex mechanism and a wide variety of other reasons may also trigger the same responses. Therefore, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is best to get a medical examination before you start to self-diagnose yourself with type-2 diabetes.